Monday, October 12, 2009

Hunnert Car Pile Up

The show that marks the end of the motorcycle riding season in the midwest. It's time to tear'm apart and make them pretty again or at least repair the motor to prevent a quart and a half fill at every gas stop on a 60 mile range. Anyway this is about a car show. Every year just when you think it can't get any bigger it seems to double. I was lucky enough just to get into the show this time around. It caused a traffic jam on I-80 about a mile and a half before the exit. It's held at a fairs grounds which you would think would be able to hold the capacity of spectator cars you would expect to attend a show like this. About ten minutes after I pulled in they had to close the gates. The State Police stepped in because traffic was so fucked up. People were parking three miles away then sneaking in through the corn fields because they weren't even letting spectators enter through the gates. I know a family that loaded up all the family truckster and drove fours hours from St. Louis...... they never made it in. But..... If you did make it in it was a great show. To many cars to even look at. Lots of great cars. It's always fun to hit a show close to home.  

Can you imagine heading down a gravel road at about midnight and seeing this car blast past you? I'd piss my pants in fear.


matt machine said...

josh, the first time i saw your name a couple years ago was after lookin at H.C.P was like you took a shot of every car that i wanted to through my own eyes i was thanks mate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh, outstanding as usual! Got any more Holmez?

Haven't found much to put on my blog for "Hot Rod Fridays" and haven't been to any shows or gatherings as of late. Been burning the midnight oil on the Hellbilly Deluxe.


Haley said...

That one at the top...that's the one...