Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Roadside Care Package

A little while back I was headed out the door to attend a family event. As I went to hop in my mom's car I noticed I had a package so I snatched it up. I brought it with because I saw it was from my good friend Roadside Marty. He said he would send me a surprise in the mail so I figured it was a sweet motorcycle part. We headed down the road and a quickly opened up my present to see what was inside. I pulled out this marvelous glowing jar of Moonshine! My mother didn't know what to think.... but after all these years she is just used to things like this.... she was just worried we would get pulled over and arrested for Moonshine'n. "Oh.... you and your motorcycle friends"

It's some great moonshine..... I know some people may have their thoughts about fruit flavored shine and I've have my fare share of Tennessee clear but this is some damn good stuff. It'll jack you around really quick like.

I'm just waiting for the perfect occasion

Thanks Roadside!

Roadside is a great guy and I'm glad to have him as a friend. He has been around bikes his entire life. I hear his dad has a stash like you wouldn't believe. I just talked to him today and he said he had some major issues going on..... He couldn't decide whether to work on his Knuckle or Pan today. I wish I had his problems.

Roadside has just started a blog as well. See it here. Flat Broke Customs

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