Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Two F U

Talk about live'n it on a motorcycle..... Our good friend Brad sold everything he owned except for his motorcycle and what ever he could fit on it and hit the road. One of his first stops was Chicago, took a little detour around the Lake with us then split west. I've been getting calls and e-mails from people all over the country saying... "I just saw Brad"

Max Schaaf spotted him chill'n in Oakland! His final destination is Canada. Good luck at the boarder crossing Brad! I know you ain't got the drugs but don't bother hiding weapons in your ass because I'll guarantee they will check there........

Brad's been posting his day to day progress. Check out his adventure here. One Two F U

Thanks for the picture Max


Christopher Roy said...

Hell yea! I plan on doing the same come spring with my end destination being Portland...
Just need to get rid of all my shit, but no one seems to want the junk ive held onto over the years, go figger!

Anonymous said...


Chico said...

somebody tell Brad he's a slob!
his shit is all over my floor as we speak!
it's raining heavy here right now,so he will be splittin to BC in a day or two.

he's a solid dude.