Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A cleaner Peter

After I shot Brian's pan on Monday I stopped by the shop. I was surprised to see how clean and tighty Slippery Pete's workspace was..... however his mouth is still filthy. Pete has been working with an ol' timer on the southside and I think some of his wisdom is wearing of on him. He's Genni Shovel is finally coming together.

Pete's abnormally clean workspace.

A shovelhead Line-up.... they are all guilty Genni, Cone....... Pan

Petey loves the Fuck word

Petey loves fuck sign language.

Tranny rebuild

Johnny Appleseed"s Honda

Brian and Sean checking out Appleseed's Progress.

1 comment:

Mitch Cotie said...

HA! that space is clean because I cleaned it for him. That was my payment for a BDL clutch that I needed and he had one. Try THAT at your local HD dealer!! Thanks again Petey.