Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Sunshine

After too many days of shitty weather the sun finally made an appearance today. Brian and the crew was supposed to ride out from the city so I could shoot Brian's bike for a mag down under. I talked to Brian the night before and he said "oh yeah... we'll be out there by 12 o'clock" I said "yeah.. OK will see about that" I get a call today at about 1:30 from a guy that sounded his throat hurt from sucking cock all night long. "I'm so hung over..... I can't ride out today" What a sally! So I hoped on my bike and rode all day long. Perfect! Not to hot and not to cold.

The harvest is on. A smell that takes me back to my childhood. The smell of freshly harvested corn brings me back to sitting on my Grandpas lap as he let me drive the combine.

ARCO II The new watch dog. He doesn't have the impact ARCO the first had on guests but he makes up for it with his playful attitude. It was kind of weird pulling out of the driveway without my tire being punctured by a K9


ND said...

good lookin day

Cody said...

i too went for a ride yesterday and it was awesome.