Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just a lil introduction for this dude - I've been working on a Halloween -inspired "10Pan Alley" episode and this dude, Wyzzyrd, is in it playing it cool while dealing with some usavory types.

Anyway, his character is kind of a Gandalf the Grey meets Terry the Tramp with a touch of The Dude thrown in there somewhere. Crazy shit always happens around him, but you're not really sure if it's reality or a trip.
The official spelling of his name has never been known. He's always so out there and the people around him are kinda out there too, by proximity. So the proper spelling? It's been lost in every form of it's translation; always changing but always sounding the same. Hell! So is the way I draw him.

If I wanted to give more fuckin offerings to Velcroass, the God of Procrastination, I could have sat on all of this shit for a few more years till I was completely satisfied on the character and the way I draw (any of) em.

I'd rather share it.

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James D. Hendrickson said...

So is there anywhere online all your 10 pan stuff is hosted?