Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dekalb Corn

My truck was in much need of an oil change so today I figured I had better fresh'n up her blood.  I ran up to the local Napa to grab an oil filter then headed out to the shop.  I dicked around for a while looking at all the machine tooling my dad just picked up then pulled the drain plug.  I went to put the "new" filter on and it already had oil in it.  Those sum bitches sold me a returned oil filter and were now closed.  So I run to Farm and Fleet and purchased a few oil filters.  Since I was there decided I should change an air filter, plugs and even went so far as new wiper blades!  

I opted for the four cylinder chevy S10 for gas millage reasons but I'm wishing I got a six because it is such a dog.  Anyway I figured a little freshening up would help me off the line.  I went to change the filter and found that a mouse had made it's home in my air intake filter cabin.  The little bastard had about a bushel of corn stored away in there.  Cleaned it all out for max flow....... I might as well have left it in there.  It's still a dog. 

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J-Rod said...

That's some wild shit.