Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leave or be punished

Everybody's favorite artist Mitch Cotie spends his Saturday nights tending the door at a little neighborhood bar for some extra cash. The usually uneventful establishment provides him with random ego boosts from the lonely female patrons and a good buzz to lay his head down with. However last night a rambunctious young man was spoiling the fun for everybody so Mitchell had to spring into action and kindly ask the man to leave. His gracefullness was met with foolishness and a poor decision of bravery by the young man. Now you must know that MC is only as sane as his artwork so the itchy trigger is a place that none of us have ever dared to go and amidst the challenge of testosterone, MC reached into the mans chest removing his still beating heart and displayed it in front of the mans face followed by the words "leave now or be punished". The young fool and now victim kindly asked for his life back through cowering eyes and a trembling voice which put the werewolf calmly back into his throne at the door with a state of ease and compete cool.

I sleep a mere distance from this superhuman and only feel safe through daily offerings, minimal eye contact and a shy tongue. Mitch, if your reading this dinner will be ready at 6 and I finished all of your laundry as well, should have that sweater mended by morning.

photo: Alex Gvojic

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Mitch Cotie said...

damn you are so full of shit.