Saturday, October 24, 2009

Parts Load

I caught wind that a friend of a friend had just bought what might be a load of K model sportster parts. Naturally my ears perked up and expressed interest. I went to look at the pile and it turned out not to be K model parts but a good amount of interesting ironhead parts. I got hooked up with a bro deal.... I payed what he payed minus a magneto and Warbird taillight. Apparently it all came out of the rafters of a body shop that in the 70's was a bike shop. During the conversion they just threw everything in the addict and forgot about it. It seems they were into drag racing sporties because there was a lot of go fast stuff in the pile. Stroker flywheels, stroker pushrods, Andrews cam sets, fuel injection, belt drive primary set ups and lots of aluminium.

The load..... The shop is in disarray at the moment..... My dad is trying to sort through his load of machining tools.

Some big twin stuff as well..... Panhead tins and a sweet chrome fender.

Fuel injection? and an oil bag only a drag racer would love.

Belt drive set ups for Sporties

Chopper oil tank

Race shit dog!

Aris headlight

Magneto covers

Lots of NOS Harley engine parts. Valves, pinion shafts and on and on and on.

Grips anyone?

The heavy Stuff

two early 70's cases one cut for open belt and a beautiful set of 58 xlch Cases.

I'm trying to get it all organized.


VonFuct said...

no fucking way. great score! how much for the fender? ;o)

Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Nice score josh!

Bacon said...

fuckin eh

Future Primitive said...

why where they throwing motorcycle parts at a dude that has an addiction? then they just forgot about him? the dude was an addict, shouldnt they try and get him some help first?

t said...

Wow that is a good haul.

I can see that primary cover on
Brians bike in the future

Lonnie C. said...

You are going to have to approach this on a "case-by-case" basis, or let's "frame" it another way to "cover" all scenarios to get a "head" of the situation. You will have to tighten up the old "belt" as you come to "grips" with this treasure trove. Just don't get "tanked" and remember, parts is parts.

chris L said...

As long as he didnt give up my warbird tail light man its all good.

Roadside Marty said...

It's good to see good people scoring good deals out there!! If anybody deserves it it's Da Kid!! Congrats brother!!