Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kemosabe handles with care.

Yesterday I drove out to Detroit to pick up a bike for Dave Polgreen. I left the city at about one o'clock pm threw the FXR in the back of the truck and was back home by one o'clock am. Pretty uneventful however I did watch as the front tire of a late 80's Ford Tempo delaminated and ripped apart the entire front end of the car. I was dodging pieces of headlights, hubcaps, bumper shrapnel, rubber, Ford emblems and I'm sure a plethora cuss words. I couldn't help but laugh at this guys awful situation..... it brought me back to my High School days. Pick'n up dem lady's in my rusted out 89" Ford Tempo.


B Harlow said...

put your seat belt on.

t said...

There's a seat belt law but not a helmet law in Illinois?