Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Randoms from the CA trip

I've been on vacation since we got back from vacation. Spent some time at a cabin in the woods by Michigan way, the last couple of days has been trying to get friends that work to not work and come play with me. Got a job starting Monday that runs through January then it's winter off for a few months of decompression and tanning. The last month or so has been a riot but now I'm really getting into the fall weather. Hoodies, hot coffee and slow jams. These are the last of the CA trip photos from me, I think. gotta turn the page and buckle up.
Josh needing a long bed
about 24 hours into the drive
Lazy Bastard
Wil's FXR that he won't sell me
the Lizard fitting a little young on the kid while Wil gets comfortable
Harpoon hides the magic
Made a stop out to see Duane Ballard and his Pink Taco
Still a lazy bastard.

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