Monday, October 26, 2009

say NO to drugs

This is what happens when you smoke to many drugs....... you just might go and do things like this to your bike. George The Painter was rock'n hard in the 80's. He had the whole 9...... mustache, mullet, mag rims and the sweetest Pink Shovelhead you have ever seen!

George and the same shovel many years later at the first Smoke Out West.

I was fresh on the scene and it was my first real traveling gig. I showed up at the hotel and was checking some shit at the computer in the lobby when I heard a raspy voice bitching out the dweeb behind the counter. "What the Fuck do you mean you gave away my room!?!?!" It was George The Painter giving the kid all sorts of hell. I let him finish his rant then said "hey man..... I've got a room with an extra bed if you need to crash" he said "I just like giving these guys hell everytime there's a shift change but I might take you up on that bed" He took the offer then got overly excited when Lord of the Rings came on the Television set and wouldn't sleep until it was over. He kept going on and on about the movie as if he were a little kid. He said if I told anyone about his Lord of the Rings fetish he would have to kill me.

Check out his work and buy it George The Painter

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all50before50 said...

Great post Josh! I was wondering who was gonna out that pic first. George truly is a complex individual.