Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gone Mad

My Dad Chuck and uncle Dave

I walked into the shop today to find my dad scratching his head looking at the 3500 pound lathe he just bought. He tried the fork lift only to have the rear end come off the ground. He pondered it over for a while thinking maybe he should just haul it straight to the scrap yard and make a profit from it as scrap. I didn't like that Idea..... that machine is industrial history. While he figured out his situation, I hopped on my bike and returned a few hours later. In that time he had sold the lathe and had a friend give him a 150? Honda. The only problem was it was sitting in the back of my truck. I unloaded that sum bitch right into his office in front of his computer...... hehehe.....

I stopped out at my friend Chris' place to see what was new in his shop. Looks like the trannys are coming out of all the Panhead's. This is his mostly all original 64 flh Panhead.

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B Harlow said...

Dude, Papa Kurpius has an addiction. I think it's time for an intervention.