Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cook Customs

While I was in Milwaukee I stopped in and said hi to my friend Dave Cook. He's one of those mad hatter genius types that you just never know what he will come up with next. He just won the AMD World Championship in bike building with his latest Build.... and it sickest Honda you will ever see. You wouldn't believe the amount of time he has invested in it. There are a shit ton of modifications you just don't notice. He cut off the trans, flipped it inline, mated a BMW shaft driven three speed trans with four speeds crammed in off the back and a custom made cam chest off the front. Model A updraft carb and the list goes on forever. He is currently working on another Norton project. It's always a trip to walk through his shop.


The New Norton Project

HARLEY.... The dog that hates you


Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

Would you ask Dave if he would keep us abreast of the Norton project? I have a very big soft spot for Nortons....

Or...does he have a website of his own?

matt machine said...

fucking hell.