Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Graff family

I met Julie and her family while I was in Sturgis this year. Her Pops cooked us up the best meal we ate the entire time we were there. He riddled off part numbers all while making fun of mine and Bacon's bikes. I thought he was just some square old man but I guess he proved me wrong with these photographs. Just kidding he is a great guy that really knows his shit. Julie's dad worked at Villa Park Harley Davidson for many years before moving to Denver. I actually lived about a block away from where the shop was. It's amazing to know that these killer bikes were built in my area and tore up the street I frequently ride today. Makes you wonder what ever happen to them.

Julie sent me these words and pictures of her family back in their hay day

My Ma

Notice the big twin trans. Uncle Bob worked for him after he left Harley. Webber Carb

Greg's WLA.

My Dad's friend's '42 WLA

Greg and Uncle Bob.

Uncle Bob's '49 pan

Uncle Bob's '49 pan. I have those saddle bags on my bike right now

Dad's friend's Knuck in front of Villa Park HD where Dad worked.

Dave Scabaras and my Dad in Villa Park HD


Ma's '69 Sportster

Jo and her rigid Sporty. She's been one of my heroes since I was a kid.

Greg and Uncle Bob

Dad, Ma, friend and Uncle Bob at Jo's wedding.

Workin' on Greg's bike

Some good Ol' keg racing outside of Chicago.

Greg got beat up by a huge fucker one night at the bar. His face was all banged up. Karma got the huge fucker. He hit a 4x4 on his bike, sent him over his handlebars and smashed his face.


Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

Dang, I wish I allowed pictures of me and my family back when I was raising kids and riding our today to know I was so fricken paranoid.

What great pictures and memories for this family.

Tony d. said...

that wla rules.

bassen69 said...

i like karma :-) .. and i like to read your blog, found it for a while ago and have read it since. its nice to look at all those pictures and what you write. your work your leving and the traveling with and on choppers, keep it up couse you do it good, thumps up from denmark.. greatings from per nielsen ( bsa bobber 1954 plunger framed 650cc )