Monday, October 5, 2009

Feature Shoots

It's been a tuff year for the the print magazines which in turn makes it tuff for the freelance photographers that shoot for the print mags.  While I was in california I did something I hadn't done in a long time...... I shot two bikes as features.  I'm sit'n on about 100 of these photoshoots I've shot over the last three or four years that will probably never even be seen.  I decided to slow down and restrict my shooting to my close friends I ride with or bikes I truly respect as either a well built machine or a well ridden machine.  Anyway it was refreshing to shoot Troy and Nikki's bikes.  It just felt right.... We rode together all weekend then pulled off to my favorite little spot in Huntington Beach.   

Check out their Blog.  Chicomoto

Troy on his Panhead

Nikki on her Kawasaki (The Lizard Bike) rocking the Chicago Patch