Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rich Phillips

Our really good Rich Phillips down in St. Louis just posted a little video he put together from bits of footage he shot last year. Just random bits of his life in 2009. He also wrote the music.... all of it. He's a one man band....... or should I say one man freight train. When he gets his mind set on something and just does it. Rich lives in his own world and could give two shits about what is going on around him. He does what he does to please himself and that's why I love him. He started by doing car upholstery then made a name for himself making Motorcycle seats. He decided he should have a custom bike if he was making custom seats so he built his first bike from the ground up...... Frame, tanks, front end and all. Then he decided he would make a movie so he went and bought camera gear. "Oh shit.... I need music for my movie but don't wanna pay royalties... I guess I'll buy a guitar, bass, drums and recording gear.... write some songs to record, mix and produce myself" Who does that? A crazy sum bitch living in his own crazy world I guess.

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Rich phillips cycles said...

Thanks for the shout guys. I always love riding and hangin out with each one of you sons a bitches. love the blog keep up the good work.