Monday, March 15, 2010

HighWay Gear

I like to ride long miles and see lots of country. I ride most of them alone and like to ride them fast. There seems to be plenty of never ending straight roads in my area and I am not often drag racing from stop light to stop light. I've been riding with Bacon a few years now and it always seems that no matter how fast we ride, his knuckle always has a lot more throttle left. I found that my Ironhead was a good match for some weird reason and on the way to Sturgis last year we knew we were jamm'n but never actually knew how fast we were going. I want my Shovel to have more on the top end so I did what Bacon always does........ I threw on a 26 tooth tranny sprocket. I want to be able to ride 90 miles an hour all day long.

Last December Harley asked me to test ride their new 48 Sportster model. Bacon and I did a lot of riding while we were out there and would get into our normal grove. I wasn't used to having a speedo and every time I would look down we were cruising at about 85 to 90 mph. Not bad for a knucklehead and that was our all day cruising rate.

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TwistyMcFisty said...

Getting ready to do the same thing on my '66 about 70 it sounds like it's gonna blow the F up!