Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bravetown Happenings

I stopped in at Bravetown this weekend for a quick second to pick up some front ends and to run my fender through the English wheel. Brian and Slippery Pete were just getting back from a "Petey Run" and were stoned out of their minds. When Petey says that he is going to the other end of town and asks you to come along.... you never really know where you are going to end up or who you are going to meet. Apparently they ran into a big bag of grass and a mason jar of moonshine. As we walked in Mitch was painting his frame in the dusty attic while holding the only light he could find up there. We all watched as Mitch painted and pointed out all the areas he was missing. I'm sure it will be beautiful. Brian and Slippery Pete passed out so I checked out what else was going on down below. Brian had pulled the Pan Motor and put it in the Searcher Frame while Eugene was is getting closer to a mocked up rolling bike. Pete pulled his motor and Bobby Pull-ups is getting closer with his pan. Sean scored himself a nice 68 FLH and all was bliss at Bravetown.

Johnny Ratchet and New Dog

Paint is worth it's weight in gold..... if you're not spraying it in a dusty attic with no light and a bug bomb.


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