Monday, March 8, 2010

The Locust Frame work.

Now that I had my templates cut out and ready to go I had to turn them into steel. My good friend Bobby at King Kustoms told me that he had just acquired a bunch of steel that I could use and even let me man his plasma cutter. He is a swell kind of guy.... he helped me out in the toughest times of my life. Him and his lovely gal Kacy cooked me good warm homecookens almost every night and escorted my ass to shows all over the United States. He even laughed when I blew up the motor of his car half way between Chicago and Austin Texas!

Anyways... after I had my gussets, moldings and mounts cut and ready to go... it was time to weld them in. One problem... I had never touched a welder in my life. I thought to myself... "I could just have my dad weld it" then decided there was no point in that. There was a lot of welding to be done so I fired up the TIG welder and went to town. My dad showed me how to lay a bead and told me to practice. I layed down two beads and said fuck it... time to bugger up my frame.

I am posting these pictures to show how I went about building my bike. I don't and never will consider myself a "Bike Builder" I didn't have a clue how to do any of this before I started.... so this is not a "How To" or Educational post. Do not take my advice because it was all trial and error. I didn't read books or take any classes. I just used a little common sense and other peoples tools. When I found myself in a bind I called some good friends to give me some pointers along the way.

I started with the Motor mount and neck gussets

As you can see I just went to town welding. I didn't even tack the piece down before finish welding nor did I completely clean the welding surfaces. I learned fast that heat will move metal around pretty quickly.

The neck and front leg area.

All the welding on this frame sharpened me up pretty quickly with a welder

Starting to look a bit more sexy!


all50before50 said...

This is great! The hours spent must've been huge.

MIKE BUZZ said...

Don't beat yourself up Kid, there is NO school that can teach your style! Face it you are a bike builder and a teacher !!! BE PROUD!!! YOU EARNED IT!!!