Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Jones Cottage

My good friend Andrew just moved back from Georgia and bought an old house. Before moving into it he is making the necessary upgrades to make it a comfortable place to live. He was in need of a water heater so Tyler said he had one up in his Family Cottage in Wisconsin that he could have. So myself and some good old friends met up at the Jones Farm and shot some guns before heading up north. There seemed to be a heat wave today and the snow was melting fast. The drive up to Wisconsin was a bit mysterious with pockets of fog rising from the melting snow drifts. We made it up to the Lake Cottage and chilled by the lake before dealing with the water heater. After loading it up and checked out a local Brewery/Bar had some great beer then found our way back home through the thick fog. It was refreshing to hang out with some old friends.


six eleonore said...

pics look great. where did you set the WB on that last photo - the ocean?... fluorescent?

Anonymous said...

What in the hell is going on in the first photo?

Mitch Cotie said...

Looks like a deer (female) carcass.looking at the left side of its face. you can see the cloven hoof on the far left next to the rail.

We should ask Ratchet how many deer he takes out on the tracks when he's operating.

Kid Kurpius said...

I leave the white balance on Daylight. Its was just foggy and there was no sun so it looks very blue.

I was crossing the tracks and spotted this train wreck. Everyone takes pictures of train wrecks right?