Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last of the Vikings

The girls made us a phenomenal spread of corned beef and cabbage with soda bread and all the trimmings. Out of this world good food. Ross, fabricator/sculptor extraordinaire and last of the true vikings, even broke out his bag pipes as a special treat. Dude is not messing around, his old man was a world renowned bag piper and Ross himself has 30+ years blowing on the things. Really cool of him to share his talents, all of them. He wrapped up the neck section on Joe's frame which holds my old shovel and four speed, now it's my turn to lay it out and put her on the road for my friend.


WisconsinWillard said...

I've heard Ross play the pipes a handful of times. He would do William Wallace proud.

gennaro said...

He's coming to the next issue of a magazine near you.