Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not much has changed


Anonymous said...

dirtbags for life

Mitch Cotie said...

true. Including that I'm still working on it.

Warren Jr. said...

That was the best day I have ever had! Dirt, Mud, Twists, Turns, speed, got lost, got found, sunset riding, lake michigan and the Mackinaw Bridge! Country Mile!

B Harlow said...

timeless man

Mitch Cotie said...

Damn it I love this Photo man. This looks like it could easily be a hot assed Louisiana Summer night. Man I hear music playin outta shitty speakers from the inside of that old house. Lookin at it-- Was this the part on the Couchon DuLait Run when we were parked in front of that house that had a Crawfish boil goin on in the front yard?
They invited us over to share and drink all that ice cold, Old Milwaukee beer? Remember that shit? Fuck man that old Red River road we ripped up and down on that night will never be the same. Those Coonasses loved us.

Ha Ha

You know? whatever, where ever. This IS the shit. There's alot of people out there that don't get it. These dudes do.

Fuckin love it that way.

Too much typing-
I should be riding.