Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tomahawk on Chris's Pan

It's funny how the whole publication game works..... shit the editors wont touch suddenly becomes "cool" two or three years later or should I say cool in a mainstream sense...... when it turns "cool" they can't get enough if it. I shot this a few years back and with the outcome of the shots I thought I had a little chuck of gold. I'm lucky that gold doesn't tarnish.... I've been working with Todd at Iron Horse a bit more lately. When he saw it he jumped right on it. Todd has a great eye for bikes and is trying to get more of these past the powers that be at Iron Horse. I can't wait to see the layout.

Thanks to Tomahawk for getting Pretty on the pan.

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Unknown said...

Not read/seen Iron Horse, thought it was from the old days but turned into The Horse BSC. Not on the shelves here in UK - is it worth ordering? SS in UK