Tuesday, May 25, 2010


hand poked makes for an easy clean-up

sweatin' bullets while Harlan gets his kicks

bikes will always look good in front of these shops

My buds Harlan Thompson and Tim Biedron opened up their new shop Pioneer about a month ago. I gave them a hand doing the build out and the collaboration turned out super comfy with a twist of grit. The new shop is by appointment only and if your in the tattoo game then you probably already know both of these names pretty well.

Since our handpoking of the Rotten Eagles around the campfire last summer we were all left with nothing more than lumpy scars and a memory so one by one the four of us are getting them re-applied. So I drew up the logo based on Eugenes scar and I found it only appropriate to have it hand poked again which I quickly regretted. I hate getting tattooed period and this shit sucked, no 4am buzz like the last time and Harlan was getting off on my school girl shrieks which I believe encouraged his deep digs. Thanks again Harlan, lets go back to the machine please.

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Matt Wes said...

bad fuckin' ass...