Monday, May 3, 2010

Hook'n A Brotha Up.

I just tripped over a package that was laying on my doorstep. Grant Peterson over there at FMA came through in the biggest kind of way. I was in need of a 2 inch splined shaft 47 tooth pulley. He said.... "I have a 3 inch you could cut an inch off of" Splended idea mate! Not only did he send the pulley but he also sent me a nice assortment of swag. I love the LONG BIKES SAVE LIVES sticker!

Thanks Grant! I owe you a big hug!


grant said...

it's always nice when someone needs my junk parts! GLad it worked, the next round is on your buddy. ANd i knew the long bike sticker would be well recieved.

Blackberry said...

What does 'long bikes save lives' mean?