Monday, May 31, 2010

Baas Family Farm

On saturday evening a few of us ended up at a carnival on the southwest side for some corn on the cob and fried cheese curds. Talks of igniting a canon at the Baas Farm lead us further west. I can't speak enough kind words about the Baas family. We were given the tour of the Baas Lands which consists of 80 acres of hills, creeks and star filled skies. Although the tour did not include the Knucklehead stash pile I would still recommend it to anyone. The canon was packed and fired.... the High Life's flowed like water and Momma's scratch built chilly filled our bellies for the night.
Teach... his Knuck and his sister Krystle

Papa Baas and Sister Baas

Teach's cousin Rod

Warren and Stacie

Momma Baas on her Ironhead trike

Farm tour

80 acres of high school memories

Plow truck hinged

The Family Pet..... Bones

Kevin in his younger days.... Said he was going to out drink the old timers.

Sweet Honda chop

Toking cigars

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See More Pictures like this of his parents back in the day.


Cochise said...

One of the best men I have ever had the priviledge of meeting.

Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

It was great having you over Josh! Thanks for the memories and cool pics. See you soooner than later maybe shoot strange brew next time we meet