Monday, May 31, 2010


My parts finally arrived friday so I quickly threw the bike together so I could shoot up to Milwaukee to say hi to my good friends at the American Motor Drome. I was able to find a 48 tooth front pulley which combined with a 26 tooth tranny sprocket made short time of the long miles. The springs I got for my clutch are mighty stiff so the front wheel tends to leave the ground at every stop light..... I still have to work the bugs out of that.

I made it to the Warren/Cook shop to meet up with a few others before heading over to the Harley Museum to check out the Wall Of Death. It was a blessed evening of great people and lots of sunshine. The pack split ways but a few of us ended up at a carnival on the southwest then even further west to the Baas Family Farm.

From there myself, Warren and Stacie hit up Water St.... then rambled back to Warren's to lay our heads down for a good night of rest. Just as my head hit the pillow the neighbors down stairs returned from the bar with a few friends to finish off their night. Loud shitty music and even louder and shittier singing continued until about 4:30 am At 4:31 am the singing switched to crying and threats of suicide. I'm all about a good party but damn.... respect thy neighbor and never be the downer. This chick would not shut up. She couldn't go home because her dad just got a new girlfriend and she didn't wont to fuck that up for him but couldn't stay because her best friend (neighbor) was fucking the love of her life. I'm not big on the idea of suicide but by the time the birds started chirping with the sun breaking the horizon line I was wishing some would just give her a damn gun.

Never fails.... Milwaukee and St. Louis...... always an experience.

after no sleep we headed back to the Wall then out to Burlington Wi. to attend the Hoodlums Party.
Rod's Panhead and Tony's Shovel

Warren's Pan build

Cody clutching his dad's Shovel

Cook's Cadillac

Cook wrapping up this Norton

Doug on his Shovel

Ryan sitting Pretty on his Swingid arm Shovel
Teach and his sister Dana


Warren and Stacie

Warren and I grabbed some sandwiches and relaxed on the beach. I made the comment that we would never think to bring our broads to the beach but it's not uncommon to bro down at the beach.

Thought about jumping it.......

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