Monday, May 3, 2010


The pulley Grant sent me had the right amount of teeth but had more junk in the trunk than I preferred. I first slimmed her down on the bandsaw then took the rest off using the mill. It worked well. This pulley has seen many miles but now I know that 47 is the magic number. When I get enough scratch together I'll get me a brand new one. At least I'm back on the blacktop for now. Grant... you are the best!

Rough cut on the bandsaw

Fixed in the Mill

My dad is always eager to use his toys. He took the first few passes.

I finished her off



nic said...


grant said...

i guess you could always weld a ring around the outside if the belt gets to creepin. It's obvious you are your dad's kid! look, that's you in 30 years!