Monday, May 31, 2010

American Motor Drome

The first "Bike Rally" I ever attended was Myrtle Beach which was made possible be Colleen and JP. I was going through the lowest point in my life and Colleen and JP were there to help me out in so many different ways. Colleen immediately introduced me to everyone at the Wall of Death. I was so overwhelmed by the ora that iminated from each and every one of them. This was my first bike rally and it was also the first group of people I was introduced to. I couldn't believe how real and hardcore people at these rally's were. I quickly found out that in the rally scene these type of people are few and fare between...... actually you wont find a whole lot of people this heavy into motorcycling and the lifestyle period. They risk it all everyday..... not just on the wall but in everyday life. As you could imagine this lifestyle doesn't not come with the kind of riches that fill your pockets but if you ever get the chance to talk to them you will find that they are the richest in spirit. The things they have seen and the energy they have felt in their lives would stop an average human beings heart. I am still intimidated by each and every one them..... maybe it's the ultimate respect I have for them..... and if you are thinking why? It runs much deeper than riding a motorcycle on a 90 degree wall.

Wahl E. Walker and Jay Lightnin

Rest In Peace Sam...... We love you

Charlie Ransom

Charlie santching bills

Jay tank shifting at 90 degrees

Sparky Lightnin

Wahl E walking the wall

Much Respect


Cochise said...

I got to meet Charlie at BMR, and I must say he is one very cool individual, and like all who ride the "dromes", has balls that are huge and made of steel.

Nick said...

Yeah I spent 4 days with these fellas last weekend and they are extremely good folks.

all50before50 said...

I was so moved the first time I met them in o7 at County Line that I came home and organized an event around them. This year is will be their third appearannce in Soap Lake WA and it's all the locals talk about. Great post Josh! Long Live The Motordrome!!!

IHG said...

I love these guys! I just wish I would have been able to see Sam ride the wall. Thanks for posting the great photos!