Thursday, May 13, 2010

Castle walls

After I finished polishing Mitch's boots last night and he retired to his wing of the castle I did some research in order to find his weaknesses. You see, Mitch IS his artwork and no matter how thick the stone or dense the wood, this castle seems unsafe to me when I sleep. I fear for my life every night and just when I find the strength to close my eyes the trickle of his morning potion begins and I hesitantly rise to greet the day and the monster.

upon my research I stumbled onto some history of the Mitch Cotie mystery, which he had been hiding from his peers. A humble creature who, like me, just wants to be left alone with his thoughts. So we're both trapped by the moat consisting of skyscrapers and sedan ridden freeways but one day we will be free of these heavy clouds to roam the earth the way man was meant to and maybe I will get some sleep! For a little bit of the mind behind the madness click here. And here's 7 seconds of heaven for the ladies too!


Haley said...

Those are some moves! ;)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ooh heavenly... I bet the ladies hope he can last more than 7 seconds as well.. har har.

Mitch Cotie said...

Brian I predict you're gonna be polishing a hell of a lot more than my boots for this one.