Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Wilbur 3

I remember coming to a six corner intersection in the Wicker Park area of Chicago looking for a music venue. I was a little early and Plague Bringer wasn't coming on until late.... so I was walking around killing time. As I headed for the door I heard a bike rip by. I pivoted and walked back to the street. Around the corner was a black man hopping off a sweet Panhead. At this time I didn't know another sole with a motorcycle that had been customized.... I thought they only existed in magazines. I had been living in the city for four years but was so into getting my moneys worth out of my education I hadn't met anyone outside my little bubble of equally devoted college friends. On the weekends I would go home to ride the country roads on my dad's shovelhead and to this day only know one person messing around with old chopped stuff out there. Anyway.... I told him I liked his bike and was interested in taking some photos of it. He said no thanks.... his guy Gennaro shoots all of his stuff. I said that's cool gave him my card which was probably my number and website written with a sharpie on some card stock. He then took me into the depths of the Fear City Compound where his bike was built.. we had a few beers and I hit the show. Wil called me back a few weeks later and we started hanging out a little and that's when he introduced me to Brian, Warren, DL, Ryan, Colleen, JP, Cook and the list goes on forever.

After helping create the Post Office Space which was the first generation of Bravetown.... Wil moved out to Seal Beach which is just south of Long Beach and always welcomes us with open arms when we are headed west. If you know Wil you know that he is a social butterfly man and seems to know or have every contact you need to get some work done. He always makes sure you have a bike to ride and is willing to do what ever it takes to get you where ever you need to be. He let me crash on his sweet air mattress for two weeks and he knows all of the best places to grab some grub. And to top it all off he has one of the sweetest Panheads out there right now.

Wil.... I can't thank you enough. Love you long time.


WorD said...

luv you too Kid!!

metal skool was sick out huh?

swear i'm never drinkin again

you know youre welcome any time

damn i look hagard cant photoshop ugly

Fashion Serial Killer said...

awesome pics as always. my roomie says that Midwestern folks (I am/was one) are too friendly- i think these AZ peeps are too UNfriendly at times. I miss Chicago-you are a great photographer as well.