Saturday, December 26, 2009

Garage Company

When I landed in LA it was raining. I had hoped to leave the snow for some warm sunshine but that wasn't the case upon arrival. I met up with Wil and hopped in his El Camino. We headed towards Garage Company to say hi to Kiyo. It was his day off but the guy lives, sleeps and breathes motorcycles so it's not uncommon to find him at work on a Monday when the shop is closed. Wil needed a cable made up for his pan so he Kiyo cooked him one up. Dean's pan was in the shop so Wil took the opportunity to tag his tank. Garage Company is owned by Yoshi. He was into racing back in the day and was picking up the coolest parts you could ever dream of before they were "cool". You'll walk out of Garage Company with a pair of blue balls because nothing is for sell. It's a dreamers paradise.


Rusty Knuckles said...

these photos are just damn beautiful, can look at these for hours.

Michael Schmidt said...

The Garage Company rules!
I used to walk over there all the time, but now they moved...
Great pics