Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Indian givers

Papa Kurpius sent out a stack of machining goods and accessories, don't worry chuck I've hidden them from Petey. Your a gracious soul, if only you could have passed it on to your Kid.

Grant and Harpoon over at The Shame of it all send all kinds of love from the lower California coast. David Mann, voodoo and The Cult. Welcome home champs.
Kyle from Oklahoma City graced us with his mug and his felines fine coat.
The Hated of the World do it right in the ways of gift giving and Texas thunder. Now if I can just get Mitch to stay within the lines.
Chris Webb of jolly old England sent this fantastic drawing. Real nice Chris, real nice.
Mr. Jeremy Menuey of Summer Iowa was kind enough to give up this classic magazine cover which we all love. Real neat stuff Jeremy and quite the generous gift.

There still coming in and I have more to post but want you all to know how much we appreciate it. Bravetown already looks like its been there for years not weeks and it feels like home thanks to all of you wonderful folks in the bloggerdome. keep on keeping on.

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