Sunday, December 27, 2009

Irish Rich

I got the chance to talk with Irish Rich for a while at the Mooneyes Show. It amazes me that a guy like Irish Rich would want to talk to a guy like me. It's unreal how stoked he is about motorcycles after all these years. He has seen the best of them come and go. While talking to him it seemed as if I cracked open his skull like a history book on choppers.... only it was the crazy shit that nobody talks about. I started sweating because I knew I was about the forget everything he was saying and I was going the fail the chopper test. I'm better with diagrams and pictures maybe I'll have him draw it out for me next time. Thanks Rich hope to see you again soon.

Check out his Blog Applied Machete for some history lessons


Mitch Cotie said...

I get the feeling that dude has forgotten more shit than we'll ever learn. Josh, one of these years I'm gonna hang out with you all year and follow you everywhere you go. hope you won't mind.

Toecutter said...
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all50before50 said...

When I met Sugarbear, I was so excited that he was looking at my AMEN, I forgot most of what he said too. His wife didn't like the word "heroin" so she called me "H". That's about all I recall other than he said he helped engineer my oil bag.

Irish Rich said...


You mean to tell me you DIDN'T remember everything we talked about? That's the problem with you young whipersnappers, no attention span from all those goddamn video games and cell phones. Why I aughta....when I was your age.....

Haha! Josh, it was a pleasure and a surprise to run into you there. Sorry I missed you in Ventura. If it makes you feel any better, I forgot Wil's name. But, then again, I have Oldtimer's Desease.

I'm gonna write a book, and then you can have it all in print for yourself, OK? I already have a working title, I'm gonna call it "Irish Rich's Big Book Of Desperately Pathetic Chopper and Motorcycle Stories". I'll send you a copy.

See you next time around, count on it. And, you BETTER pay attention!