Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In the wind

Our pal J.J. Prowl gave us this classic banner that he got from his uncle long ago. It led me and Mitch to talk about where we would like to hang our hats someday and we both agreed that a helmet law state was out of the question. I understand the safety argument but the bobblehead feeling and obstructed vision feels far more unsafe to me. I once watched a friend die at a bullriding event because he wasn't wearing a helmet but I still rode without one and I've seen more than my share of bad wrecks where a helmet could've made a difference, that being said I also have a friend in a wheelchair because the weight of his helmet broke his neck as he slid into a car. Lots of different arguments but in the end it just feels right to be in the wind. I guess it's just a matter of opinion. In Illinois they want to give us legal lane splitting in exchange for a helmet law. Luckily ABATE is doing a good job upholding riders rights.


grant said...

Hey Jerk, did you get my banner?

B Harlow said...

Dude, I did and I've been slacking on the gift posts. I've got a bunch of em to do. Did you get my text about the fork tubes and why aren't you in Japan yet?

grant said...

Brian, babe, I don't get texts, i'm old school dog. We leave tomorrow morning...email me grant.peterson@sorc.com