Thursday, December 3, 2009

REO Flying Cloud

I had to get my camera cleaned so I took a trip into the suburbs today. While I was waiting I stopped over at my friend Bobby's place. He just picked up this 1932 REO which is a rare car. They made fewer than 3900 cars in all body styles that year. It was a car for the higher class. In 1932 You could buy a new Ford in for about 400 dollars or you could buy a REO of a similar body style for around 1200 dollars. It's a very original car. It's was repainted in the 70's but still looks great. The interior is the original mohair and the odometer reads 2900 miles. Bobby drinks his beer with his pinky finger extended now. It's a really clean car but Bobby says he feels too high class driving it.... so he is selling it. He'd rather have an REO Speedwagon

Call him at 847.338.0998 or Click here for more info.


Haley said...

Wow...that sure is purty...but I agree w/Bobby...too fancy for this lady.

Sethro said...

...1932 was the first year that they did any windtunnel testing on cars...and Reo was the first to do so...1932 Reo Royale...i pinstriped 1 of the 3 remaining Royales a couple of years ago...concourse restoration...Pebble Beach stuff. kinda had me nervous being that it was RARE.