Monday, December 28, 2009

Miles between Us

In november I took a trip down to Southern Illinois to visit Rod at Stripped Down Cycles. He introduced me to a guy named Bock. Bock has a shit ton of British stuff packed in garages and barns from one end of the town to the other. Before I left we dug through some of his treasures. He pulled out this orange wassel tank that I fell in love with and planned on taking ques from it when I get around to painting my sickle. About a month later I run into Sean "wanna Party" out in Chino California and he is running the matching fender on his Triumph. It's crazy to think that these two pieces were most likely painted in the 60's or 70's run on a righteous bike then separated by thousands of miles and 40 years later I happen to know the two guys with each half.

Beezer Bock and his tank

Fender on Sean's Limey


motoguru. said...


Mitch Cotie said...

It's like the Nards of Sharsil!! Put them together and the Gaznuls will be rendered powerless.

grant said...

You wanna drink or you wanna party?