Thursday, June 18, 2009

Uncle Jessie

Photo by: Lynne Cotie

I said good bye to an old friend the other day. Why? I still can't think of a real good reason - other than -- I found someone that could possibly love him as much as I do if not more. Someone that could give him a new life, a second wind.

Jessie and I were love at first sight. It had every sign of being the worst purchase anyone could ever make written all over it - before and after the purchase. But I did, and it has been one hell of a ride. We've been through a bunch of crazy shit together and he stuck it out. With his stitched up heart, tender old clutch and scarred face he hauled my sorry ass with finesse and character- forcing me to smile like a king every time I drove him.

He is:

Truck No. 3.
Retired Johnson Creek WI Dept of Public Works (40 years)
1963 Ford F250
223ci 4spd
Heavy Duty

1 comment:

B Harlow said...

well spoken Kemosabe. I'll miss the sound of Jessie roaring up the street and watching you try to parallel park.