Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Friday at the Big Mountain Run

Photo: Richard Grabbe
I spruced myself up in the creek...... then went hunting for ladies.

Headed out for an afternoon ride.

The roads are amazing in Reliance Tennessee. Twists and turns like you wouldn't believe! Three people I know of crashed. Duke broke his arm in three places, Bruce broke a handfull of ribs and an arm I think...... he took a little ride in a helecopter and I think the other was a kid named caleb but I could be wrong.

Benji Galloway cook'n up some hobo stew.

Dan and Dan Try'n to get the genni shov started.

Choppers, Moonshine and Women..... doesn't get much better than this! The moonshine was flowing like water down there! Clear, Peach, plum, pear and sweet sweet apple pie!



LoveCycles said...

Josh that is one nice mochine I hope to ride with you guys soon love jeremiah

PUREclASS said...

Fuck, man those pictures are cool...... Your bike is so RAD!

cro said...

That's the monkey TITS!

TEACH said...

Had a blast with ya

Nick said...

All of those pictures rule.......Benji cooked that shit at our camp so I got fed like a sonofabitch.