Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting to be that time

The urban empires are taking their toll on this youthful but aging man. Some days I feel like the concrete is gonna cave in on me, and I welcome it. It's simply time to decompress I think. Been in Chicago for 10 years, before that was San Diego for 5 years, and before that was a quaint life in Southwest Michigan. I'm really starting to feel a little town and some slow down. Maybe find a place like this to fix up and work out of, build some furniture projects that won't get built here, and maybe even a bike or two. Might even get that dog I've been talking about. Hell, I don't need much more that two hots and a cot. Right?

Nevermind, this is starting to sound like a Disney movie.I need to hit the road....pan must run in one week. Josh, get squared away, Mystery Cotie stop rubbing it in and put in for that vacation time. Momma, I'm coming home.


Tony d. said...

the three of you need to get bikes up and going for the ride and Blake needs to get his going too! I'm StokeD!

B Harlow said...

donuts its on, unfortunately for you I will be in my rocket belt.