Monday, June 22, 2009

Headed Southbound

Photo: Rozanna Pino Kurpius

On thursday I left for Tennessee to hit the Big Mountain Run. Decided I would take my bike last minute. She still needs a lot of work but she runs. I still need to make some exhaust pipes, a license plate bracket and tweak a bunch of little things as well as replace all the cheap ass Taiwanese V-twin bullshit that failed within the first 50 miles......... Never again. Stopped in the city, pulled Slippery Pete out of the bar and headed to the shop. He didn't like when I spilt lanes at 80 mph hour on it. My Voltage regulator took a shit so I rhode to Indiana with no head lights....... not that my headlights give off much light anyway. The Big Mountain Run was a great time I'll post pics soon.

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cro said...

fuckn A! Scoot looks killer.. packed and ready to roll. Enjoy the trip!