Thursday, June 11, 2009

Front End

Well....... after spending hour after hour on this front end I might just cop out and set'r aside for a second until I can find the best set up for it. With the short narrow bars, super narrow long front end and shitty tires..... any little movement I make either in my hands or my ass, the bike wants to hit the ditch. I started with a 17 spooly and found I had negative trail. Tried to move it in the rockers to correct the trail but if I did this the spokes hit the rocker bolts. So I need to relace with a narrower spool and make new rockers. I had a 19" spool 2.75 but the tire wouldn't fit between the fork legs. So I tried a 21" 2.75 that I bought in Sturgis..... Actually bought it form Slippery Pete because as I was talking to Negotiable Tim about it, Pete slipped in and bought it out from under me so I bought it back form him. Anyway it barely fit and ended up with a trial of 5 inches. Seemed about right..... it rhode better but still scary. I wish I could have a good conversation with Sugar Bear about these matters.
So I might throw on a narrow glide to see how she goes. Hate to do it but I just want to ride.

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