Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturday Night

So nobody could find me on Saturday night and I got all of these jealousy ridden phone calls. Well now that I am officially a blogger I tell people "just check the blog and you'll figure it out". After all, this blog stuff is my reality and an inside look at the life and times of myself and friends. So to all of you party missers, here are the pics from that crazy party I told you about. You guys totally should've came. I look a little out of place cause there were a bunch of jocks and yuppies, oh and a prego lady, but it totally worked out. It got a little wierd around the end of the night though, same old party lifestyle shit. Check out the winner I was telling you about. Yep, their real.

Artist: Charlie White


Jeremy said...

Just a heads up man, the artist is actually Charlie White. Piccinini does some cool stuff though.

B Harlow said...

thanks man. always give credit.

Rob said...