Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joe Momma

Today I headed into the suburbs and gave Joe Momma visit. He is a good friend of Sean and Slippery Pete and I was told he is the guy that could help me set my bike straight with my little "issue". It's getting harder and harder to find shops like Joe Momma's. It's sad when little shops that actually know what the fuck is going on get closed down because they can't accommodate a 1000 foot of floor space for a clothing boutique or a million dollar store front. It's pretty sad when you walk into a dealership and the "parts guy" hands you the book and says.... you find me the part number. There is no sole what so ever in these places..... so sterile and reeking of leather not of grease and oil like they should. Not to mention the over inflated prices you're gonna pay. Not saying that every dealership is like this but every one I have ever been in was like it. When I need a part I have to special order it or drive 100 miles to someone that knows what the hell I'm talking about. I walked into Joe Momma's.... didn't get attitude just a warm welcome. I only planned on staying a few seconds but stuck around all afternoon... got to know the family and ate some pizza.

Joe Momma and his 1928

Garage Sale find.

Joe said this was a tank puller during the war. A trike with catipilar tracks.

It was about Rush hour when I left Joe's so I stopped over at my friends Bobby and Kacy's house and checked out what they had going on.

Mike's bike..... I think I know where he got some of his inspiration......

Bobby's new project. Just chopped on Saturday!

The gasser Bobby built for his dad.

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Future Primitive said...

"got to know the family.....and ate some pizza". you're kinda like teenwolf dude. you look like him (uness you've shaved), youre doing some gnarly shit, and you're down for the party.