Monday, June 15, 2009

I didn't COP out.......

So the last we talked I was about to throw on a narrow glide because I just couldn't get the springer to handle right. Well every possible thing that could have ever been wrong with it...... was just that. Big twin cups to Sporty neck, metric stem, the bearing race shuffle, a new big twin stem that was undersized, worn out everything, oversized rocker pivot holes, undersized pivot shafts, a bent rocker, trail, a crocked axle, dry rotted untrue/unbalanced tires that wont fit between the fork legs and an internal fork stop that was hanging up....... Fuck me! That's just the short of it. So last night I put a few miles on it and damn does the motor run good! One kick and it wants to purr at 75 miles an hour. Let my pops ride it....... He was so excited to get a chance to switch roles and beat on my shit for a change. He rhode about half a mile and said fuck that stupid thing! My Dad, little sis and I rhode some back roads to get some Ice cream and he said "You set the pace" So I thought Ill just take'r easy on the fresh motor...... mid way through the trip he informed me that is was cruise'n 75. I couldn't believe it.

Anyway today was the first day I actually got to put a decent amount of miles on and today I about got my bike put into evidence crates. It ran great with no problems! I hadn't eat'n all day because I was just trying to get as many miles on it as I could because I planned on riding it to Tennessee Wednesday. I headed into town to catch some grub and as I was sitting there eating I watched as the local Sheriff stomped on his brake pedal while rubberneck'n my bike. He circled around a few times and I thought to myself "I'm not gett'n to the county line without a good interrogation". As I walk out of the restaurant I look to see where he is hiding. Sure enough.... as soon as I kicked her over a differrent cop car appears from out behind the funeral home. I know there is a laundry list of things he could cite me for but knew that all they wanted to know was what club I was affiliated with. One week I was pulled over four times by different officers with some bullshit reason why the pulled me over. I know the game just be cool with them and most of the time they are cool with you. It ended up that this cop was a really cool guy. I didn't have registration on me nor did I have an insurance card because I had just called it in. I was even joking with the gal on the phone about why I needed insurance she said "in case you get into an accident" and I said in case I get pulled over" and told her about the situations I've been in, in the past. Anyway.....So he said he would follow me home and I could proof of insurance and registration so he didn't have to write my a bullshit ticket. Scary cause it's hard to ride the bike in a straight line! So when I got home the reggy was in the shop and my dad's laptop was in the house. I said you can fellow me to the shop and he said that's cool I'm just going to pull out my flashlight and check out your "sweet" bike. I thought oh great here we go! So when I got back he informed about some things he found wrong with my bike and told me why it should be taken into police custity but I could tell he was actually really Digg'n my style. He even took out his camera and snapped some pics. At first I thought he was taken record of it but I'm pretty sure he was just liken what he was see'n. Then he proceded to tell me about his past with motorcycles, riding and a little something about clubs. He told me he had seen my photo work in the past and we talked for quite some time. He let me off really easy...... and I know my bike could have been gone on it's first day out. I know that a police officer has a job to do and I respect that....... He was just taking orders from his boss because he said I gave him a nasty look.

I started with an idea...... oh yeah and some shitty parts

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