Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maiden Voyage!

Well..... after working on building my first bike day and night..... every waking hour for the last few months, I finally started it up and rhode it for the first time today. It is such an amazing feeling to operate something you have created with your own two hands no matter how shaky that first run is. The way I would describe my first run is if you could image yourself on the scariest roller coaster ride then multiplied that by 20! Now I have ridden more bikes than your average person will ride in a lifetime. This is because I have never owned my own bike. For the past three years I have pretty much been living on the road photographing different aspects of the motorcycling scene and for some reason people don't hesitate to let me ride they're bikes. It's pretty amazing to think back on all the different bikes I've gotten an opportunity to ride. I can't even remember a large majority of them. Some of them being very high dollar machines such as Discovery Channel Build Off bikes but more often than not it's the bike that has some weird issue I should watch out for. It's that bike that has been sitting in the conner of the shop for the last 10 years. I've rid'n just about everything and anything you can image and always seem to be able to hop on and ride the piss out of it...... stand up on it while taking pictures all the while......... but boys....... I have to admit...... I about pissed myself ridding this one. It was by far the scariest thing on two wheels I have ever experienced in my life.... but deep down I loved every minute of it! Call me a Sally..... call me what you will.

I'm dealing with a few issues that need to be ironed out. I've got negative trail. I'm going fuck around with my rockers tomorrow. I may need new bushing in the rockers as well. There's a few other bugs in the front end that I'll need to shake out as well. Besides that the fuck'n motor runs great! She's a one kicker when nobody is look'n.

I stole the front end off this bike. Super narrow..... by narrow I mean 2 and 3/4 inches clearance between the legs. I could only fit a 17 inch spooly and I had to grind down some bolts to keep them out of my spokes. It's narly!

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lifeisfuct-diekruzen HEAVY KLOTHING said...

come on man!! i'm dying to see yer bike.