Sunday, June 14, 2009

Midnight Mike

I can't say enough good words about this guy. I met him at a gas stop on the east side of South Dakota on the way to Sturgis. He was riding with Bill Dodge and AJ from the East Coast so we rhode together the rest of the way in. About two minutes after we met we were doing about 90 mph west on 90..... I was getting a shower in gasoline because I squeezed a few to many drops of petro into the tank. He rhode up beside me and handed me a rag to wrap around my gas cap. What a swell guy!

Headed westbound left to right Midnight Mike, Bill Dodge, myself and AJ

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Clarissa Knotts said...

Dude KID you really are crazy love ya bro and the fact you keep it real and you bike came out kick ass. ANY time you wanna blaze the trails and "party" you know where we are at. Nothing but totall L&R for your work. KEEP THE RUBBER SIDE DOWN & RIDE FAST AND TAKE CHANCES!