Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thanks Sean

Sean let me borrow his Evo last night for a late night ride with him and our buddy Mike. Hit lake shore drive at about 11pm. There's nothing like lake shore drive on an 80 degree summer night riding through the lights of the city on one side and the blackness of the lake on the other. What a perfect ride, just cruising 60 mph on perfect pavement winding around the perfectly peaceful lake with all the glamour of the city towering above. If you haven't made it to chicago on a bike, you have to put this simple ride on your things to do list. I kept looking over at sean and we were both grinning ear to ear chasing Mike and his gal on the perfect knuckle. Everything I ever wanted out of riding motorcycles was evident last night. Thank you Sean.


nannerb17 said...

Well you finaly got a pic of me in the deadly vipper mode(or picking my nose).Well look and learn because your Man/tiger defence in street chopper is no match for it. I can only think you must have torchered Josh to get that pic from him.

B Harlow said...

just the tip of my kurpius catalog. This was the only one you didn't look gay in.