Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two Wheeled Hopscotch

This is Mitch's Depiction of the events that occurred shortly after finding Jr's exhaust gasket on the Country Mile 2008. Warren's front exhaust pipe kept coming lose and on of these occasions the gasket took off in the wind like a sailing frisbee. Just so happens it was on a busy street. We all stopped and searched the ditches for a while and finally found it. I was searching via motorcycle and when it was finally located Brian hopped on my left side rear peg. I taxi'd him back to the congregation and when he decided he had enough, he hopped off. His first foot made good contact with the pavement but the following were a little out of sync. I remember his head hitting and pavement then the screeching of locked up cars tires shortly there after. It got really quiet for a second accept for the sound of his helmet rolling around on the pavement in front of the car. There was a kid in the passenger seat of the car peering over door frame with wild eyes and his mother was not as excited about what just happened. Brian walked away with a sprained wrist and a bruised ego but all was good cause the sun was shinning and we had many more miles to ride before we'd rest!

Shortly after the incident.

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B Harlow said...

garbage = a sprained wrist and a stiff clutch cable.